Whistle Worthy Wednesday!


Hey guys! November has brought us yet another Wednesday! Lucky for us! This week, I have come across another really great band that I would love to share with you all. I had never heard of them before but their EP entitled “Change” is now downloaded onto my iTunes library.

Churchill started out with “folk-infused rock songs”. On this EP, they do a great combination of energetic “alt-country/pop-rock” songs. You really can’t hate this band. They’ve got all the bases covered.



There music has a lot of soul and is really fun to listen.  Each member of the band brings heir own style into the mix. I love bands with lots of members, myself, because it really brings a great mix of different personalties, styles, and tastes.

If you haven’t already done so, go check out this EP!


This is great music for a car ride. Each song is SO different from the others. My favorite , as of now, would probably have to be “I Am Yours” because the only girl in the band, Bethany Kelly, sings like an enchanted pixie and I pretty much think it rocks.


Olivia Lea.


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